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Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire has provided digger rental services all around Stokenchurch for a very long time. We specialise on two things: small and compact diggers and skid steer loaders. Weight capacities for the diggers we have on hand range from 0.8 to 2 tonnes.

Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire promises to provide excellent customer service while keeping expenses down. Because our team is so skilled at scheduling, we guarantee that your digger will come within 60 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. If this doesn't occur, we'll provide you a free one-day loan of a digger.

If you have any inquiries about our other services, such as what Stokenchurch has to offer in terms of digger hiring, get in touch with us right now.

Discounts For Stokenchurch Long-Term Digger Rental

If you rent one of our diggers for a week or more, you get significant savings off the daily rate. In the business, Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire is renowned for providing some of the most competitive quotes for high-end digger rentals.

We Assign You A 1 Hour Delivery Slot, If It’s Not There It’s Free For The Day

We are aware that a construction site must function efficiently in order to generate revenue; time is an important consideration when clients pay a fee for the service. If we do not arrive at the scheduled drop-off time, the digger is free for the day. Our staff allots one hour for the delivery of your digger.

Reliable Modern Diggers With Back Up When It’s Needed In Stokenchurch

Our excavators all come with a guarantee that is renewed every time it expires. When an issue does arise, our engineers make every attempt to rectify it or arrange a replacement within one working day.

The Best Mini Digger Rental Company In Stokenchurch

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Mini digger rentals are available all around Stokenchurch County from Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire. For minor building and gardening work with restricted access, our Mini Digger line is ideal. It is very economical to hire one of our Mini Diggers to handle a lot of labour. In compact spaces, the Mini Digger is highly portable and simple to operate. Customers with access challenges should select our Mini Diggers since they can fit through openings as small as 700 millimetres.

Stokenchurch mini digger hire
Stokenchurch micro digger hire

Professional Micro Digger Hire Services In Stokenchurch

Micro excavators can be utilised in even the smallest locations, such as backyards and the interior of buildings, because to their small size and strength. Although it is a small excavator, it is very powerful. Stokenchurch's micro excavators significantly cut down on the time and labour required for labor-intensive digging projects.

Affordable Stokenchurch Skid Steer Loader Rental

The finest place to rent skid steer loaders in Stokenchurch and the surrounding areas is at Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire. Our assortment of skid steer loaders may be delivered to your home or place of business in a matter of days. We have a lot of experience working with both corporate clients and private individuals. Read the reviews left by previous clients to learn what they thought of our skid steer loaders and service in general. Regardless of the needs of the customer, we are convinced that our service will be trustworthy and safe, and we stand by the calibre of our tools and degree of assistance.

Stokenchurch skid steer loader

Types Of Diggers Our Team Offer In Stokenchurch

There are several different types of diggers available for Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire. Among the various types of diggers we provide are skid steers and mini diggers.


When it appears that hand labour is the only alternative, micro diggers are excellent for entering tight spaces where arduous work needs to be done. You can manoeuvre through smaller, more constricted spaces. The best flexibility for slewing and putting spoils is offered by Zero Tail Swing, which offers the greatest protection against any potential site concerns.


There are several different types of diggers available for Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire. Among the various types of mini diggers we provide are skid steers and mini diggers.


Bobcat invented the first skid steer loader, and over the past 60 years, the company has developed a reputation for dependability, performance, and quality. Every Bobcat skid steer loader model becomes a potent tool on the job site when outfitted with Bobcat attachments. As soon as you enter the cab, you'll realise how much improved this machine is. By pushing the limits in every way, this tool will enhance production where it counts.

Stokenchurch best choice for mini diggers

The Leading Choice In Stokenchurch For Mini Excavator Rental

In Stokenchurch and the surrounding areas, Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire offers a large selection of small diggers, excavators, and plant machinery. You can quickly rent from and have delivered to your house or place of business our enormous selection of plant hire equipment. We have hired many excavators to industrial contractors and do-it-yourselfers. To ensure that you are satisfied with the high calibre of our diggers and service, read our client reviews. There are excavators ranging in weight from a micro digger to two tonnes.

Stokenchurch digger hire

The Best Supplier For Digger Hire In Stokenchurch

Only the greatest Stokenchurch diggers should be employed for your construction project. As soon as you contact us, one of our experts will carefully review your needs and make a recommendation for the best excavator. Our high-end diggers are well-maintained and come with a choice of attachments. When a huge hydraulic digger is not practical, micro diggers are the best option. We provide several options for renting a cost-effective digger for one day, two days, or a whole week. If you request more information, we might give it to you. We hire out high-end pieces of machinery from brands like Bobcat, Caterpillar, JCB, and Kubota.

Popular Digger Rentals In Stokenchurch

Bobcat - E10 0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

Bobcat E10 0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

The E10 0.8T excavator has a wide range of applications, including demolition, landscaping, and ground maintenance. The driver is as comfortable as possible when driving thanks to the reduced noise and vibration levels.

Bobcat - E17 1.5 Tonne Mini Digger

Bobcat E17 1.5 Tonne Mini Digger

The Bobcat E17 1.5 tonne mini excavator requires little to no adjustment and performs well in confined locations. The undercarriage may be hydraulically expanded to a width of 136 cm for a larger footprint and better performance, or hydraulically shrunk to a width of 98 cm to fit through gates and between walls and homes. On small task sites, the E17's reduced tail swing boosts its versatility and manoeuvrability.

Bobcat -  E27 3 Tonne Mini Digger

Bobcat E27 3 Tonne Mini Digger

A first-in-class mix of exceptional stability, industry-leading digging performance, breakout forces, and a transport weight that is still below the weight restrictions for suitable trailers is offered by the new Bobcat conventional tail swing E27 3 tonne model.

Bobcat - E45 5 Tonne Digger

Bobcat E45 5 Tonne Digger

The small excavator Bobcat E45 lacks a tail swing. Due to its unlimited rotation, higher flexibility, and decreased danger of harm to the machine and the local property, excavation can be done quite close to nearby barriers. The E45 is available with a clamp, a lengthened arm, or an angle blade alternative for better performance.

Bobcat -  E88 Excavator 8 Tonne Digger

Bobcat E88 Excavator 8 Tonne Digger

With the introduction of the new E88 8 tonne Stage V compliance model, which replaces the old E85 M-Series machine, Bobcat has expanded the number of mini-excavators in its R2-Series. The E88 provides excellent operator comfort, good stability, and impressive digging output in a machine with a small footprint.

Bobcat - 463 1.3T Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat 463 1.3T Skid Steer Loader

Moving the small Bobcat 463 is simple. Nevertheless, it also has the dependability, flexibility, productivity, labor-saving features, operator-friendliness, and a cab with many of the conveniences of a much larger machine! But the versatility of the 463 is its greatest asset. With more than 20 durable Bobcat attachments to choose from, you and your 463 can competently and comfortably undertake practically any project.

Bobcat - S130 2.15T Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S130 2.15T Skid Steer Loader

Trustworthy, little, and manoeuvrable The S130 is a remarkable performer for its size, and its tiny, 6-foot turning radius and 60-inch width (with an option for 54-inch) enable you do heavy work in confined spaces. Construction, landscaping, excavation, fertiliser plants, foundries, and many other tasks benefit greatly from its superb performance. The spacious, quiet cab makes it simple to enter and exit, and the adaptable Bob-tachTM attachment mounting system allows for quick, secure attachment modifications.

Bobcat - S160 2.3T Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S160 2.3T Skid Steer Loader

New product features enhance the S160 skid-steer loader's performance. The tool includes a turbocharged 56-hp Kubota engine with a lifting capacity of 1,600 pounds. To increase the auxiliary hydraulic capacity to 27 gpm, it offers a high-flow option. The S160 features a long wheelbase and a radius lift path. The S150 model of this equipment can support a maximum operational weight of 1,500 pounds.


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Stokenchurch is a village and civil parish in south-west Buckinghamshire, England. It is located in the Chiltern Hills, about 3 miles south of Chinnor in Oxfordshire and 6 miles west of High Wycombe. Stokenchurch is a commuter village, served by junction 5 of the M40 motorway to London, Oxford and Birmingham.

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